Summer Colors with Sustainable Clothing

I have always been fond of sustainable clothing and given my lifestyle it goes handy with the overall choices I make in terms of the food I eat and the clothes I wear.

People say, being a Vegan takes out a lot of good options from our bucket both in eating food and wearing clothes. Instead, I believe it makes our lives more simpler in choosing what’s best for us as well as ignoring the cruelty involved with the food items or clothes where animals are used.

Here is one such dress I recently bought from Rui Designs , wearing which I feel both beautiful and happy 🙂


The Pink floral Leela Wrap Dress, handcrafted from hand block printed on cotton fabric. This is dyed and printed using all natural dyes and hence makes it all very special.

A flare to fasten around the waist with a tie up, the dress features two side pockets.

I have paired the dress with two of my favorite junks:



Ring from another amazing brand that aims to link small producers to the mainstream markets, Ode To Earth

They not only make beautiful jewellery, dresses, bags and shoes, but provide sustainable livelihood to small and primary producers of these goods both the small towns and rural areas. Their collection is as exquisite as their name.


Some more snaps from what I do not refer to as a shoot 😛


Both the dress and the ring is crafted and designed by beautiful souls, keeping environment and future of a lot of people involved in the making of these pieces in mind.

Buying a piece of sustainable and environmental friendly clothing also gives you the power of indirectly helping a lot of home-grown businesses to thrive. Hope you enjoy shopping with both Rui Designs and Ode to Earth. 🙂


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