India on the eve of Independence

With everyone talking about Independence in India today, I will not go into the nitty gritties or the how, who and what of Independence but talk about a situation I faced today on the eve of India’s 71st Independence Day Celebration.
Place: Bangalore, (right outside my apartment), Time: 9:00 PM, Date: 15th Aug 2017.
It was drizzling and I was down to grab a bottle of juice and was returning home from the shop right next to my building with an umbrella in one hand and a bag in the other. I was entering the building thinking how pleasant the weather is and how good everything is today. Just then a man out of nowhere on his bike came crashing to me and by the time I had realized what happened, he had vanished in the dark. This was the first time ever in my life that I could not catch hold of a person who molested me. Before this, I have always somehow managed to catch hold of the molester. This time, owning to the things I had in my hand I was unable to. The man suddenly ran into me and not just squeezed my breast but smashed me and injured me badly with the handle of his bike and finally pushed me back and ran off. Till the time I could understand what had happened, he was gone. All I could do was curse him and just that. And out of helplessness a drop of tear fell out of my eyes and for the first time I had a situation where I could do nothing. This feeling of helplessness is bad, trust me this is not anyone of us should go through.
The worst part is that we keep talking about an Independent nation but even after the 71st year of Independence, the status of women in India is questionable. No matter how much we say that we are progressing and our mind-set is changing, a woman is not safe even at her home. I was right outside my flat! Not even a kilometer or a feet away but right outside and I was molested.
Let’s face it, in a country where from a newly born kid to a 60 year old lady can get raped, there is no independence that I see. It has happened to me today and out of all the frustration that has filled my heart, I am writing this but this is the story and case of a million women who go through this every single day in this country. There are thousands of girls and not just girls but guys who face this and no strict measures are being taken. Least to say, that animals are also not spared. We hear stories of gang rape to animal molestation every day and India is definitely not progressing but degrading in the way our mind-set is.
I know majority of the people who commit this crime are barely going to read this here and even if they do they don’t really care but the ground reality is, that we are doing nothing to educate them and ranting about it on social media is definitely not going to help. But there must be a solution to it. We can’t say that teaching our kids techniques of self defense will help, yes they do but not in the case of a 2-3 month old baby and not in case of the poor dogs on the road who are now becoming the victim. We need to go to the root of the problem and solve it from their. I don’t see the Government doing anything about this situation and since the laws are not stringent, nobody gives a jackass about it.
When in a country, the fine towards animal cruelty is INR 50 and when a women gets raped or molested she is told that either you must be wearing indecent clothes or you must be out late. How can we trust anyone or anything? The status of our Independence still remains in dark. Let’s focus on how to make India a safer place where we can actually be independent and live safely and do not have to fear going out irrespective of what the time is and what are the clothes that we are in.
PS. I was wearing a full length kurti with nothing visible or revealing from anywhere. The dirt is in the mind and not in the dress we wear.

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