People often say that self-healing can be misguiding and a little amateur in nature, given the fact that it’s majorly driven by our instincts.

Self-healing from a psychological perspective is a way or process of recovery which you recommend, guide and follow by yourself depending on your instincts.

The reason I am talking about self-healing is that I am going through one such process on my own. Not sure of how will it progress, but in the past, it has worked very well for me and I am looking forward to it working now.

I am writing this article for everyone who at some point in their lives have been hurt, broken, had given up, or when they thought that nothing is working out for them. I urge you to sit down and calmly focus and recapitulate what caused the distress in your life or the reason that has eventually made you feel miserable and sad. While most people will suggest that you don’t talk about how you feel, don’t think about the loss of the loved ones, don’t cry if your lover has left you, don’t stress if your loan doesn’t get sanctioned for buying a house, furthering your education, for your kids tuition fee, etc. But trust me, instead, you should go talk about it with everyone you are close to. When you are finally done talking (obviously to people who you know will listen to you and not judge you no matter what) no matter if it’s an hour-long monologue or a day’s exhaustion or a week’s burden or a month’s disaster or even years of pain, lie down. Lie down and think about the reasons for your pain, of your anger, your rancor, your rage and try finding out why are you affected by it so much? I am not saying you will get an answer or a 100% accurate solution from yourself as we honestly are blinded at times, but what you will definitely know are some reasons which are the source of your pain. And what will you do know about these sources? Focus. As you focused hard enough to know and learn about your pain points, its time now to focus on breaking the bond between you and your agony.

Sit tight, take a deep breath, smile, cry, laugh, or do everything at the same time. Let your emotions flow. Now calm yourself down and relax. Life is too short to keep cribbing about situations, things, people, or ourselves for that matter. Life is too short to sit and think bad about someone, or curse someone or regret about things. Repent, regret, anger, sorrow, guilt, hatred, sabotage, if you look at it are all words associated with or considered negative. In reality, these are just words we have associated in our heads with the notion of being negative. Let that negativity flow out from your head, calm yourself down. You deserve to be pampered and no one can do it better than yourself.

Honestly, life is an experience where balance is essential and both good and bad are equally important. During the process of self-healing, you should introspect and focus on learning more about yourself. Make a goal chart for yourself, work on it and try making yourself a better version of yourself constantly and see things change.

How do I know it works? As I write this I know I am evolving constantly and as I write this, my mind is slowly soaking all the positivity around me and letting go of the negatives. And honestly speaking, this has made me feel relaxed. During the process of self-healing, it is also important to have positive thoughts and a promise that you make to yourself of loving yourself. You need to love yourself enough to walk out of any situation, place, occurrence, event or people who are adding no value to you and who are constantly trying to make your life hell. You need to also love yourself enough to know what’s in your best interest and what is not. You need to focus on taking care of yourself and start treating both your mind and body as a temple for one who can’t treat themselves with love and respect, can’t treat anyone else with love and respect.

Take out time every day to sit and talk to yourself for at least 5 minutes. Take out time to introspect regularly, to maintain a good health, eat a balanced diet, surround yourself with positive people, meditate, read good books, travel and see the magic that life has to offer to you and what you can offer to yourself. Easier said than done, but trust me, as I write what I write, I am doing just the same and I can’t be more peaceful at the moment than this. This is one way in which I am helping myself and this is not the only but definitely, one of those ways which have helped me calm myself down. Focus on what is actually important, be happy, avoid the situation of feeling too much pain and the best thing, learning how to survive alone. For no matter, if you have people with you or not, you are one person who will always remain with you. So its time to heal whatever can’t be restored or created again and live up to your expectations and never get disheartened. As all we have is one life and we should do justice to ourselves, as for all we will always have is ourselves and if we don’t keep ourselves happy then there is no way we can make someone else happy.

Source: Unknown, Facebook
Source: Unknown, Facebook

It’s time to rise and shine and heal oneself and cut us from the lethal claws of our own mind and the judgments of other people. It’s time to heal yourself and smile and move on to live in the present for we now cry for what’s gone already and we will in the future cry for how we let this time slip away and this circle never ends until life gives up on us. Before this happens, heal yourself and get up to be the best version of yourself that you can ever be.

And remember, give yourself enough time. Time will make you stronger and time will heal everything. Even if you don’t forget what happened or what disturbs you, you will learn to deal with it and be fine with it. Heal yourself and let the magic begin. =)


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