Its Thursday today and we all will admit that by Thursday, we already get into the weekend vibe and mood. And when the mood is all set, it also reflects in the kind of clothes we wear to work, especially if you are in advertising.

My second blog post on Office Wear is all about that, the weekend feels featuring the very talented visualiser who I work with, Alina Jacob.

(Check the first post out here)

Alina is a fun-loving person who somehow manages to look stylish effortlessly. She is not just creative at work but also in personal life especially when it comes to DIYs, (she recently made a few DIY t-shirts for herself and we all loved it at work).



My blog post let me tell you if you are a first time visitor, is all about ethical and vegan lifestyle and all the products displayed are all cruelty-free.

Here’s what Alina pulled off for a Thursday feels and something you can definitely try on yourself. 🙂


I love the messy look she’s carrying with her hair open and well I love clicking natural pictures with less editing as I believe one should showcase the reality more than anything else. Being yourself and embracing it is obviously the best thing to do. Isn’t it?

In the picture, Alina’s wearing the Dhoti Skirt by Fab India,

Spaghetti top bought from Commercial Street in Bangalore and

the sandals by The Methiyadi Stop

She’s paired it up with a nice dragonfly pendant and glasses to complete the look.

I chose to post Alina’s look for two main reasons:

  1. She looks damn good and is carrying herself amazingly well
  2.  I love Fab India and is one place to go to for buying really good clothing and accessories if you want to look elegant, classy or funky with the varied range of products they have both in their indo-fusion range and the ethnic range.

Let me know how did you like her look…cheers! 🙂





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