Remember how as kids, we used to eagerly wait for that last bell to ring, announcing the commencement of the summer holidays? When we quickly used to pick up our backpacks and run out of our classes shouting and screaming in excitement?

The nostalgia while looking back at old pictures and torn pages of books, the happiness looking back at memories of visiting my grandmother’s place, climbing up the guava tree and jumping down to the ground; the feeling of sitting beside a lake on a picnic with the family. To me, that’s the true essence of summer.

However, today having grown up and with the demands of work, the wonderful memories of summer vacation seem like a myth and the child inside is lost somewhere among the monotony of life.  That’s why one day during the month of June we decided to re-kindle the joy of summer at work by dressing up in summery clothes and taking a welcome break as we chilled out on the office terrace. As you can see, the pictures say it all.




But in the midst of all the laughter and good times, the day was defined by another significant fact – everybody came dressed up in cruelty-free vegan clothes and a few of them are even trying to make the transition in eliminating the use of products tested on animals. Of course, adapting to vegan food might take a while, but this is definitely a start.



I will be sharing individual pictures on my blog soon, until then here’s a glimpse of how we decided to bid adieu to summer.

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