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June, Birthday and YULIN

June, an ordinary month in our ordinary years that have passed or are yet to become history. June, when monsoon is taking the world by storm and children by amusing them. June, when in some places the temperature’s boiling up and when in some, it is the best time to go visit a hill station. June, also happens to be my birthday month and the month of YULIN.
It is most likely to happen that you and everyone out there gets excited for their birthdays and why not! It’s the time for us to celebrate, enjoy, laugh, bid adeau to another good year and hope that the next is even better. It’s about being positive and optimistic and happy. But June, is the month that makes me sad, sick and way too upset than any other month. June, is the month where our fellow earthling I love the most are cut down into small pieces, skinned alive and served in a bowl for everyone to enjoy.
Animal cruelty in any way is sickening and saddening and something that needs urgent attention of the governing bodies across the globe. But what’s even worse is that people somehow have started to love seeing others in misery. And that’s the worst of the kinds of cruelty done ever!
Every year in June, people of Yulin celebrate the Dog Meat Festival on a huge scale in China. It is a festival of stealing, betraying, culling, killing, massacre, hate, screams, scar, blood and helplessness.
A lot of you might say that what’s wrong if they eat dog meat in China? Or what’s wrong if it’s a dog meat fest? But only a few of you might know what actually happens at Yulin. It’s not an ordinary fest, it’s a fest filled with myth, cruelty and words that I can barely describe as I write this. It breaks me into pieces like the baby seal killing spree does when I talk about Canada. In Yulin, thousand of dogs and cats are stolen from their homes, bought from pet shops, trafficked from various countries including India to China for what people say is an age old tradition, while it actually started just over a decade ago. Their main aim is not to kill the dog, make their meal and eat. But to brutally murder them, record it on camera, have fun, enjoy them crying in pain, break their little bones into pieces and when they can finally hear no noise, no breath, no sound, they then throw these little babies in the oven or the frying pan and fry them off to eat. And not just this, they also put dogs, especially puppies alive in the utensils filled with boiling water and leave them in pain, make them hoplessly scream and cry until they succumb to their death. Well to add it to the bundle, they also kill cats in this festival. They say in Yulin that the more these animals get scared, the better their meat taste. So they deliberately kill them in front of other dogs, cage them and pile them up together so that they get scared and hence “the blood flow in their body is good for the meat to taste amazing”.
To keep you informed, the furs of these poor babies are then traded in the market to make those expensive fur jackets and coats you wear.
Boycott Yulin (1)
Its like raping nature and mother earth. Some people will be of the mindset that they fall under our food chain so why can’t we eat them? And that man have been feeding on animals since pre-historic era. But lets say animals are a part of our food chain and we eat them since like forever. But animals are not ours for entertainment, they are not ours to be humiliated and treated like commodities. They feel pain just as we do, they cry just as we do, they get scared as much as we do and they have the right to live just as much as we do.
And just like that, who says I ain’t happy on my birthday? I do forget this for a while and enjoy but at the same time the reality that nearly 10,000 dogs and cats are killed brutally every year just for the heck of it on my birthday, does make it hard for me. I love animals and all I can do at this point of time is urge everyone to sign petitions, help volunteers and everyone who are trying their level best to stand against this cruel stint.
Because I believe, no matter how hard it gets, there are people who will always stand for the voiceless. And to tell you the positive side of the story, a lot of people risk their lives every year in China to make sure they save as many dogs and cats as possible and recue them. A big shout out for these guys and girls as they are the real heroes who no matter how bad the situation is, make sure that they helo these babies be safe.
The concern is rising globally and with every passing year, a lot of people are boycotting Yulin. There soon will be a year when in June, there will be no culling and killing of our furry friends for fun.
Hoping for the best and hoping and hoping again, that this year cruelty doesn’t stand anywhere near our furry friends.