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In my last post, I talked about the difference between cruelty-free and vegan makeup and how there are very few brands that are both cruelty-free and vegan.
Disguise is one such brand I recently stumbled upon. After going through their website and what they stand for, it was no doubt that I loved it and wanted to try it ASAP.

So I made my very first order of Disguise lipsticks from Nykaa and here’s what the experience looked like:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-29 at 3.29.22 PM
Wearing the Burgundy Chef from Disguise Cosmetics

They have not only redefined beauty but have made a conscious effort of keeping it cruelty-free and vegan. Hence, not harming any animal in whatever they produce.

The lipsticks I ordered were Beige Musician and Burgundy Chef and I immediately fell in love with them.

No, it’s not a product endorsement but I will still go ahead and share my experience of using it for the past one week now.
1. The lipsticks are very soothing and moisturizing
2. They are long stay lipsticks and you will have the lipstick on you even after you have had a snack or something to eat
3. They use a blend of oils and vegan better that are deeply nourishing
4. Their packaging is really different and you will love the unique design
5. It’s an Indian brand which is driven by great formula and amazing people behind the making of every single product that goes out of their warehouse.

What else! Women at my workplace loved it and posed wearing the lipstick for me to showcase it here. 😀

Indian VeganDiary
Deeksha wearing the Beige Musician


Alina wearing the Beige Musician

And a little sneak-peak at the pictures we clicked for the blog:

Indian Vegan Diary.PNG

Kritika Singh IndianVegan Diary.PNG




‘Vegan’ and ‘Cruelty-free’, these are two terms you’ll come across a lot today. While some brands are genuinely both vegan and cruelty-free, others are making full use of these two words for their benefit. This is due to the lack of basic knowledge about what these two terms mean and how they’re used to both educate and misguide us.

Not every brand or product that is vegan is cruelty-free, and not all cruelty-free brands are vegan.

Here’s an explanation on how your makeup can be both vegan and cruelty-free and you can still do all that you were doing before you made the transition.

What is ‘cruelty-free’ makeup?

Cruelty-free or animal cruelty-free makeup is one where no animals were harmed during the testing of the products.

You’ll be surprised to know the amount of tests done on animals before a product reaches you. Even when you buy a product which has no animal ingredient in it, it still might have been tested on animals.

India is one of the few countries which have banned animal testing for cosmetic brands since 2013. However, a lot of FMCG products are still tested on animals. India also doesn’t import products which are tested on animals. This, however, doesn’t mean that the cruelty isn’t being done on animals because the following can be true:

  1. Product testing: There are companies that test their end products aka lipsticks, nail polish, etc. on animals. Thankfully end products that are both home-grown and imported cosmetics are not tested in India before sale.
  2. Ingredient testing: There are companies that do not carry out product testing on animals. However, some or all of their ingredients might be tested on animals. Companies may often claim that the product is not tested on animals, but it doesn’t necessarily means that their ingredients are also not tested. Sadly, not many companies give an explicit list of whether or not the ingredients are tested as majority of the ingredients are sourced. In India, this is still a possibility.
  3. Product and ingredient testing: Another possibility is of companies testing both their ingredients and end product on animals. But this is highly unlikely in India as cosmetic end product testing is banned.

Please note: Brands that sell products in India and are made in China are all tested on animals. This I feel is sheer misguidance in terms of how to rationalize and trust brands as any product entering China or being exported are mandatorily tested on animals. So I personally avoid each and every cosmetic which mentions “Made in China” or “Ingredients sourced from China”.

When you’re making a conscious effort to avoid every form of cruelty towards animals, a little more information about the country it’s made in can also be very helpful.

What is vegan makeup?

Vegan makeup refers to cosmetics in which none of the ingredients are animal-based; hence the end product is absolutely vegan.

There are two kinds of vegan makeup:

  1. Vegan and tested on animals: Not every brand or product which is vegan is cruelty-free. A brand may be using plant-based, natural or non-animal based ingredients but still be carrying out animal testing. Make sure you don’t fall prey to the so-called vegan labels thinking they’re cruelty-free.
  2. Vegan and cruelty-free: There are brands that are making conscious efforts in being both vegan and cruelty-free. These brands or products do not use ingredients which are animal-based, nor do they test on animals. This type of a makeup brand or product is what you should look out for.

Here are some icons that are used to represent if a brand is vegan and cruelty-free:

cruelty free Indian Vegan Diary


Products which have the bunny icon on it are cruelty-free and hence this is the symbol to distinguish cruelty-free makeup brands from the one which tests on animals.

Indian Vegan Diary Vegan logo.png


Products which have a black or a green V symbol on it are vegan in nature and hence symbolize that the ingredients used are not animal-based.


indian vegan diary.jpgProducts that are both vegan and cruelty-free may or may not have this logo as there currently isn’t any particular logo for this segment. You may also find both cruelty-free and vegan logos on products which neither test nor use animal-based ingredients.

Make an informed decision as your choice can either promote animal suffering or eliminate it. It’s a different topic of debate and discussion when it comes to eating animals, but we can always choose not to harm them by making these little changes in the way we wear our makeup.

I’ll soon be taking out a list of brands, globally and in India, which are both vegan and cruelty-free. I hope this article helps you make a conscious effort and an ethical choice the next time you’re buying cosmetics. Don’t forget to let people in and around you also know about this. Who knows, it might actually make a difference as a lot of us remain unaware of what goes into the making of our makeup.




Remember how as kids, we used to eagerly wait for that last bell to ring, announcing the commencement of the summer holidays? When we quickly used to pick up our backpacks and run out of our classes shouting and screaming in excitement?

The nostalgia while looking back at old pictures and torn pages of books, the happiness looking back at memories of visiting my grandmother’s place, climbing up the guava tree and jumping down to the ground; the feeling of sitting beside a lake on a picnic with the family. To me, that’s the true essence of summer.

However, today having grown up and with the demands of work, the wonderful memories of summer vacation seem like a myth and the child inside is lost somewhere among the monotony of life.  That’s why one day during the month of June we decided to re-kindle the joy of summer at work by dressing up in summery clothes and taking a welcome break as we chilled out on the office terrace. As you can see, the pictures say it all.




But in the midst of all the laughter and good times, the day was defined by another significant fact – everybody came dressed up in cruelty-free vegan clothes and a few of them are even trying to make the transition in eliminating the use of products tested on animals. Of course, adapting to vegan food might take a while, but this is definitely a start.



I will be sharing individual pictures on my blog soon, until then here’s a glimpse of how we decided to bid adieu to summer.


Its Thursday today and we all will admit that by Thursday, we already get into the weekend vibe and mood. And when the mood is all set, it also reflects in the kind of clothes we wear to work, especially if you are in advertising.

My second blog post on Office Wear is all about that, the weekend feels featuring the very talented visualiser who I work with, Alina Jacob.

(Check the first post out here)

Alina is a fun-loving person who somehow manages to look stylish effortlessly. She is not just creative at work but also in personal life especially when it comes to DIYs, (she recently made a few DIY t-shirts for herself and we all loved it at work).



My blog post let me tell you if you are a first time visitor, is all about ethical and vegan lifestyle and all the products displayed are all cruelty-free.

Here’s what Alina pulled off for a Thursday feels and something you can definitely try on yourself. 🙂


I love the messy look she’s carrying with her hair open and well I love clicking natural pictures with less editing as I believe one should showcase the reality more than anything else. Being yourself and embracing it is obviously the best thing to do. Isn’t it?

In the picture, Alina’s wearing the Dhoti Skirt by Fab India,

Spaghetti top bought from Commercial Street in Bangalore and

the sandals by The Methiyadi Stop

She’s paired it up with a nice dragonfly pendant and glasses to complete the look.

I chose to post Alina’s look for two main reasons:

  1. She looks damn good and is carrying herself amazingly well
  2.  I love Fab India and is one place to go to for buying really good clothing and accessories if you want to look elegant, classy or funky with the varied range of products they have both in their indo-fusion range and the ethnic range.

Let me know how did you like her look…cheers! 🙂






Hey guys,

I hope you are all doing awesome! I will be posting a series of office wear over a period of time and this is my first post from the series to come.

This year, just like last summer florals are in. From dresses to skirts to shirts and trousers, everything floral is what’s selling like hot cake. My first post in the office wear series isn’t about floral but about light colours which are soothing to the eyes and I feel is a great way to start the office wear series.

Being a vegan, there are a lot of things that I always have to take into consideration such as what I wear, use or consume needs to be cruelty-free, vegan, ethically made and sourced and there is a lot of research that goes into this before buying anything I buy.






Sandals: Melange

Lipstick and Eyeliner: The Body Shop (these are the ones not “made in China”)

You must be wondering how on earth can I wear full sleeves to work on such a sunny day. Well, a) it’s a Monday and although I take time out for posing, I also work, so a little on the formal side on a Monday is always appreciated by your boss and your colleagues 😛  b) it’s a very free and breathy dress to wear and doesn’t really make me sweat (instead helps keep my arms covered in the sun which is my most affected area for that matter).

Summer is all about minimalistic makeup, free-flowing breezy dresses and carrying yourself well especially on a professional front. This dress is something easy to carry, wear and work in style and why not! It’s by one of my favourite brands PROMOD. ❤


Until I post another one of my office wear posts, hope you liked what you saw and I promise I will bring you the best in cruelty-free fashion.

PS. My post also has shades which I borrowed from a friend for the pictures and I am unsure of if its plastic or some sort of material made out of plastic and hence I am not posting about the brand here.

Rest assured, everything I post is a conscious effort to make you aware that clothes, makeup, jewellery and everything else that we can use, wear or consume be made without being cruel towards animals and with compassion.

Hope you have a great week ahead. =)

Summer Colors with Sustainable Clothing

I have always been fond of sustainable clothing and given my lifestyle it goes handy with the overall choices I make in terms of the food I eat and the clothes I wear.

People say, being a Vegan takes out a lot of good options from our bucket both in eating food and wearing clothes. Instead, I believe it makes our lives more simpler in choosing what’s best for us as well as ignoring the cruelty involved with the food items or clothes where animals are used.

Here is one such dress I recently bought from Rui Designs , wearing which I feel both beautiful and happy 🙂


The Pink floral Leela Wrap Dress, handcrafted from hand block printed on cotton fabric. This is dyed and printed using all natural dyes and hence makes it all very special.

A flare to fasten around the waist with a tie up, the dress features two side pockets.

I have paired the dress with two of my favorite junks:



Ring from another amazing brand that aims to link small producers to the mainstream markets, Ode To Earth

They not only make beautiful jewellery, dresses, bags and shoes, but provide sustainable livelihood to small and primary producers of these goods both the small towns and rural areas. Their collection is as exquisite as their name.


Some more snaps from what I do not refer to as a shoot 😛


Both the dress and the ring is crafted and designed by beautiful souls, keeping environment and future of a lot of people involved in the making of these pieces in mind.

Buying a piece of sustainable and environmental friendly clothing also gives you the power of indirectly helping a lot of home-grown businesses to thrive. Hope you enjoy shopping with both Rui Designs and Ode to Earth. 🙂